About Us

I say 'us' - at the moment, it's just me - Greg Caine. 

Born and raised in Pembrokeshire, I'm a lifelong Scarlet, having first started going to Stradey Park as a 9 year old in 2002. 

I started Scarlet Fever '72 in July 2018, originally wanting it to be a news, opinion and analysis website, 'providing the latest on all things Scarlet'. As an ex-performance analyst (albeit briefly) I found this hugely enjoyable.

But, due to the nature of my job (I now work in media, meaning I have very few weekends spare), writing articles every week became impossible.

I'd already produced and released the SF72 Bobble Hat, as I wanted to offer fans a cheap, 'vintage' alternative to the other bobbles available.


They proved to be incredibly popular, so I decided in September 2019 to convert SF72 into a fully fledged merchandise shop for Scarlets supporters.

Right now, we only have the SF72 Bobble Hat available, but are looking to produce more, including a vintage jersey, bucket hats and more.

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoy making them.


Scarlet Fever '72

One of my favourite photos of all time, for obvious reasons. That's me on the left - I assume I'm happy, but I could also be in pain

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